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SecureCRT 7.2

What's New in Version 7.2 of SecureCRT

- Windows: Added a Session Manager that can be used in place of the modal Connect dialog. The Session Manager can be in a pane in the SecureCRT window or can be an undocked modeless dialog
- Added a global option to store personal data such as usernames and passwords in a location separate from the rest of the session data, which allows personal data to be kept private while other configuration data is stored on a network drive or on the cl
- Windows/Mac: Added the ability to zoom a session (increase or decrease the font size) using CTRL+{mousewheel} or CTRL+"+" or CTRL+"-"
- Added a script object CommandWindow that provides access to the command (chat) window from a script
- Added Ymodem support to the FileTransfer script object, which allows Ymodem transfers to be scripted
- The script function Screen.Send() can be used to send text to the screen only by using a new optional parameter
- Added the ability to pass arguments to logon scripts
- Added a two-digit year log file parameter substitution "%y"
- Added a session INI-file-only option "Ignore Shift Out Sequence" that prevents SecureCRT from going into graphics mode when Shift Out (\016) is received
- SSH2: Added support for SHA-2 MAC algorithms
- SSH1/SSH2: Added two new session INI-file-options "Use Global Host Key Algorithms" and "Host Key Algorithms" that allow the session to order and filter the global host key algorithms. The session host key algorithm list must be a subset of the global h
- Mac/Linux: Added a new session option "Draw lines graphically" that improves the appearance of line-drawing characters
- The "chat window" has been renamed to "command window"
- The option to open sessions in a tab is on by default
- SecureCRT uses the Default session's background color as the background color of the application window at startup
- For Ymodem and Zmodem uploads, files are removed from the file list after they are successfully transferred
- The anti-idle options to send a string or protocol NO-OP can now be configured to an interval of less than 10 seconds
- The Xterm keymap now sends Esc[H and Esc[F for Home and End
- Pressing SHIFT+TAB sends "^[[Z" to the session when Xterm emulation is specified
- The user interface reflects that when the global option "Use trackable insertion caret" is set, the session option "Cursor style" must be set to "Vertical Bar"
- SSH1/SSH2: Added the session option "Force session channel to close on disconnect" to the Session Options dialog
- Telnet: Added the option "Server requires bare CR" to the Connection/Telnet category in the Session Options dialog
- Serial: The default flow control was changed to none. This only affects new installations
- Bug fixes

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